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About Adrian Maselli

As a young boy at 4 years old, I was hand feeding pigeons

for my Grandfather. This became a young hobby and a 

big passion ,for me as a child. 

As I grew up, I lost focus on my passion, instead focusing

on making an income in concreting, my family and 

having children.

It was not until I had my first stroke at 32 years 

old, that my life changed.

I had always worked hard and gave my all in all I would do,

yet my body was suffering greatly.

It  was the journey after my stroke that led me back to

my passion as a child. I reconnected with my love for

pigeons and have not looked back since.

Within ten years, I have developed a great family of

Janssen's that have been strongly inbred, proven to

dominated the skies.

I started importing great quality birds with results

to put into the Janssen family. This has excelled in the

last four years continuing to gather results for myself

and others around Australia.


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